Creating focal points can be  necessary when there are no obvious ones already in the room.  This can be the case when you are dealing with a “white box” type room that is often the case in new builds.

What are focal points?

The term focal point means different things in different contexts, depending on exactly what you are talking about.  In simple terms a design focal point is a point that draws you eye and there is a very specific reason for wanting to have the eye drawn to one point when someone first enters a room.  If there is no obvious point to look at then the eye tends to roam over the room looking for a place to rest, which can make the room feel either boring or chaotic.

How to Create a Focal Point

Bedrooms are probably the easiest place to create a focal point because typically a great bed will act as a focal point, but what about a bland living or dining room.  So here are a couple of ideas to create beautiful focal points


Artwork is the perfect way to create a focal point, but don’t fall into the trap of using a small art piece on a large wall.  If you have a small piece that you want to use, create a gallery and your focal point will be amazing.Gallery wall focal point






Patterns are a great way to create a focal point and wallpaper and murals are a great way to achieve this.  While your pattern doesnt need to be an dramatic as this one   from photowall, it definitley draws the eyeMural focal point






The term “feature wall” may send your mind sreaming back to the last 90″s but it is still a great way to creat a focal point with colour.  If you’re going to do it though think outside the box and think about how the wall colour and furniture together can be used to create a focal point.Colour as a focal point






Statement Furniture

I am a big fan of using statement furniture to create focal points.  This vignette is one that i did recently in a room and it not only works really well to create a focal point but the table itself has become one of the couples favorite pieces of furniture.Console table as a focal point







So there it is, the basics of creating a focal point.  It doesn’t have to be a difficult process (in fact the towering pile of unfinished ironing in my laundry room is currently creating a very effective focal point).  Have fun with it and make it a part of creating a space you adore.




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