Finding your perfect furniture

Finding perfect furniture can be a challenge because sometimes the perfect piece doesn’t exist. I have this very annoying habit of adopting an “I won’t let this beat me” attitude, which means that I can easily burn hours of my day refusing to believe that what i am looking for cannot be found.  This is what happened on one of my current projects.  The project is a basement living room and it is tiny, so every piece of furniture that goes into the space has to be perfect.  It needs to be the exact proportions, the exact colours and to serve more than one purpose.   After an exhaustive search I realized that the exact piece that I wanted didn’t exist, so time to go to plan B, the custom furniture route.

Essentially when you want a custom furniture piece you have two options, hire someone to make it, or make it yourself.

Hire a Professional

This option may be considered the lazy girls way of getting custom furniture, but somethings are really best left to the professionals.  Beautifully made custom furniture is something that will usually last a lifetime and customizing furniture can be a lot of fun.

DIY your perfect furniture

Ok so lets be honest, Pinterest hadiy console table sketchs a LOT to answer for.  Don’t get me wrong I love it and have been known to disappear down a Pinterest hole for hours but ithe problem i find is that it makes everything look sooooo easy.  Now that ive got that off my chest,  there are many projects which are really quite easy to tackle, giving you exactly what you want a a price point that cant be beaten.  Now unless you are a cabinet maker I am not suggestion you try toThe tiny living room piece that I needed was just such a project.  So after a lot of searching i found instructions here for basically the table that i wanted and then I drew the sketch above so that i knew the dimensions i needed.  The internet was also where i found the instructions for the ottomans (here), and thanks to the nice people at home depot which did all the cutting, it was a snap

Finding your perfect furniture

The final result looks like this (stay turned for pictures of it actually in the space) and everyone is thrilled.






So the moral of the story is this…the prefect piece of furniture is always achievable, just remember to think outside the box when it comes to how you are going to get it.




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