mood board deck

Mood Boards are and essential tool when designing any space.  They help you crystallize your vision, set your budget and set the foundation for a beautifully functional space.  Mood boards can contain anything that inspires you or that you feel may contribute to creating the space you want.  The one that I created for my deck has pictures only, but you can also use words and if you are creating a physical board rather than a virtual one, consider including texture and actual samples of elements you want to include.

I once heard mood boards described as, and I am paraphrasing here, “essential for creating the essence of a space”. That description has always stuck with me because the purpose of a mood board is to describe in words and/or pictures how you want the space to feel

I love two things about mood boards. Firstly the process of creating the board itself sharpens my focus and makes me think about how the client really wants the space to feel and how I am going to create that feeling with style elements.  That sounds a bit designery (not a real word, but who cares) but basically what I am saying here is the mood board sets out how I am going to create the room to fit the clients specifications.  The second thing I love about mood boards is that they keep me on track once the project is underway.  When I am researching elements for a space I often fall into the “oh that’s pretty” trap.  The problem with that is that you can end up with a space that doesn’t feel like the client wanted.  The mood board keeps me focused on the overall plan and reminds me the save the “oh that’s pretty” piece in my research folder to maybe used in another project.  Or to buy it for myself :)

For some beautiful boards see click here


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