Bedroom staging

Staging is not just for sellers and before you think “that makes no sense”, let me explain what I mean.  When staging your home for sale, the aim is to show them in their best light and highlight their best features.  By using the same techniques in your home, you can achieve the same result, often for not a huge financial outlay.

I love looking at real estate photos for inspiration when all that is needed is little domestic spruce up and because staging usually doesn’t usually involve large scale changes, looking at before and after pictures can give you great ideas about how small changes can make a big difference in your home.

(My caveat for this post is this, if you are actually selling your home, please please please please talk to your realtor before you undertake any staging of your home, their advice can save you from making costly mistakes.)

I recently staged a home that had great potential, but that looked a little cold.  Take a look at these before and after shots and see how a home with great bones can be transformed from feeling cold and dated to warm and inviting with a few simple changes.

Living room staging
Living Room before and after

Ok, so I do acknowledge that there is a little soft focus involved here, but take it from me, it just shows how the room actually feels when you are in it.  This room is lovely, but heavy antique furniture made it feel cold and uninviting. Warming up this room was not an expensive exercise, mainly because the homeowner already had most of the furniture, but even if you are not in the market for a new sofa, the little changes here can be used to update and warm up any room.

Other than furniture, the main changes to this room were to remove the brass chandelier, add much softer lamp light and bring in texture with the rug and throw pillows.  The other thing that I did here was to group the furniture in such a way that the focal point was the amazing windows that run the length of the room.

Bedroom staging
Bedroom before and after

This is actually a really pretty bedroom, its only shortfall was that it looked kind of blah.  You can see again how lighting makes all the difference to the feel of a room and having a table on either side of the bed stops it feeling small and lopsided.  Bright artwork and a few extra pillows and there you have it…transformation.

master bedroom staging
Master bedroom before and after

This master bedroom is actually a good size,  but again the furniture arrangement made it feel narrow.  I swapped some furniture pieces to highlight the room’s size, added some art and bedside lamps and basically that was it.  Now it is one of my favorite rooms in this house

living room staging
Basement Living room before and afetr

This basement living room has a triple bonus of floor to ceiling windows, a killer fireplace and really high ceilings.  The large ceiling fan made the ceiling feel much lower than it actually is, so that was removed and a much smaller fixture installed in its place.  The realtor in this case did bring in a sofa and love seat in order to show just how big the room really is, but that and better lighting (notice a trend here) was really all this room needed.  Furniture was then arranged around the logical focal point, which is that very cool maple leaf fire place.

bedroom staging
Bedroom before and after

Ah wallpaper borders,  the fastest way possible to make a room feel dated.  The first step in this room was to lose the border, but then it was all about showing the other great features of this room, its size and the same high ceilings as in the living room.  Adding over sized side tables and again some better lighting really shows this bedroom in its best light (the plain duvet cover didn’t hurt either).

This house is a great example of how small changes can make a huge impact.   Even if you are not planning on selling your home, adapting some of the changes that were made in these rooms may make all the difference in your home, making you fall in love with it again.  That said if you are planning on moving, this little gem is on the market and its worth a look :)




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